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Cyprus Lettings is one of the many portals within the network that endeavors to provide a comprehensive listing of businesses and services that are based on the island of Cyprus whose services lie within the field of Cyprus Lettings. Regardless of the needs to be fulfilled Cyprus Lettings will assist in the search to locate the company offering the ideal service. Cyprus Lettings concentrates on offering information and links to companies within Cyprus who are the leaders in their field. Each business, company or service listed within Cyprus Lettings has been selected to ensure that a variety of information is within reach of virtual fingertips across the globe.

Marinakis Developers Ltd
Larnaca  Tel: 24629000  Fax: 24622848 
Ergolyptikes Epichirisis Kostas Michaelides Ltd
Nicosia  Tel: 22753773  Fax: 22756378 
Medblu Realty
Larnaca  Tel: 24822442    
Agiomamitis Vasos Estates Ltd
Limassol  Tel: 25635222  Fax: 25635333 
Kostas Markides Commission Agency Ltd Ltd
Nicosia  Tel: 22378898  Fax: 22378662 
Tsiartas Andreas
Nicosia  Tel: 22759495    
Petrakis Estates Ltd
Limassol  Tel: 70007220  Fax: 25336074 
Akamia Estates Ltd
Larnaca  Tel: 24651565    
Demetriou Neda
Nicosia  Tel: 22374615  Fax: 22374114 
Katsari Bros
Larnaca  Tel: 24638201    
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